EPC Material Handling Installation


Scope of work included engineering, procurement, and construction of Fly Ash, Bed Ash, Coal, Limestone, and Wood Waste Material Handling Systems to support a new hybrid electric generating facility rated at 670 megawatts. This hybrid facility will utilize fossil fuels as well as biomass to produce new electric power.

The ash handling system included four subsystems comprised of a Fly Ash System, a Bed Ash System, Ash Storage and Unloading System and a Bed Ash Re-Injection System. A pneumatic conveying system was designed and installed to move the ash from two (2) Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) boilers economizer hoppers, the scrubber hoppers, scalping precipitators, and baghouse hoppers to two Fly Ash Silos. A Bed Ash Re-Injection System was also be designed and installed to reestablish CFB boiler furnace bed materials after the completion of shutdown outages when bed inventory has been drained. The Coal Handling System was designed and constructed to receive 50 ton-capacity trucks and transfer coal from receiving hoppers to a vibratory feeder for separation.