Crowder recognizes our success is only possible by effectively harnessing the resources provided by our clients and our partners. Crowder seeks to establish long-term relationships that promote a win-win situation for everyone involved—owners, suppliers and subcontractors. We have formulated a system that provides an effective basis from which to begin -- and continue -- our mutually beneficial relationship.


Given the extensive scope and reach of many of our projects, Crowder often partners with owners and subcontractors allowing us to finish projects within established deadlines, reducing project costs, and maximizing profits across the board.

The partnering approach is one of teamwork that is underpinned by open communication, mutual respect and effective cooperation. With an aim to establish trust and harmony among our partners, sources of contention are addressed before they can lead to disputes that could be both costly and disruptive. Our partnering goal is to deliver a high-quality project on deadline that is both safe and profitable.


With more than $200 million of collaborative projects completed in the past few years, Crowder recognizes that partnering is the wave of the future within the construction industry. Before a project begins, key personnel from all involved partners meet during a workshop. The purpose of this meeting is to hammer out the specifics of the project including:

  • Identifying opportunities and issues
  • Highlighting communication and performance goals
  • Setting goals, responsibilities, and timelines
  • Establishing action steps

Each party involved fully commits to the project by signing a project mission statement as well as a contract. During the project, mini workshops are held with the above steps revisited. Proficiencies and goals met are recognized and plans solidified.


Our subcontractors and suppliers provide necessary services and materials for our diverse roster of projects. We seek out those who embrace technology as well as who possess the qualities needed to meet our established quality and service standards. Our subcontractors and suppliers are an integral part of our success and we welcome the opportunity to work with those that can deliver high-quality services by agreed upon deadlines.

Review our Subcontract Standard Terms and Conditions  and view the instructions for becoming an approved subcontractor on our SUBCONTRACTOR PREQUALIFICATION page.

A copy of our supplier Purchase Order Terms and Conditions is also available for review.