Glenville Lake Dam Rehabilitation

Fayetteville, NC

This $3 million High Hazard Dam project for the Public Water System in Fayetteville, NC was a unit price contract for the demolition of the current spillway and rehabilitation of the earthen dam bank and outfall and construction of a new, straight-drop spillway & parapet walls. The Glenville Lake is a drinking water source for Fayetteville, which was drained for construction while water was pumped from the Cape Fear River until this source could be replenished.

The project required dewatering Glenville Lake and temporarily diverting the stream flow via a temporary cofferdam (320 lf x 17’ tall) & diversion piping system. The bottom of the lake was different than anticipated by the bid documents and the cofferdam detail required revision. Much thought and time was spent to develop and implement an alternate design. The new cofferdam cross-section used a key-way design to toe down through the lake bottom sediment and into the suitable material to cut off the water. This area of the state also experienced a tropical storm during the fall of 2015 and Crowder worked through the weekend 48-hours straight to keep the cofferdam from failing while the work continued