The Charleston Seawall

Charleston, SC
This project involves the replacement of “The Turn" portion of the historic battery seawall in Charleston, South Carolina at the point where the Ashley River and the Cooper River converge. This section of the existing battery was founded on battered timber pile that is rotting and believed to be over 100 years, old very much in need of replacement. The project included demolition of the existing wall, new pile foundation, cast-in-place concrete seawall, within a sheet pile cofferdam, and site restoration.

The project was highly publicized with news reports weekly on the construction progress and the community’s thoughts about the project.

The main challenge of this project was the construction of the seawall in such a small area. The water depths did not allow for materials or equipment to be brought in by water. All materials for construction and required equipment were staged in a work area that was 40 feet wide and about 300 feet long. Close scheduling and constant communication was required so that the site is not overwhelmed with materials.

A new monument was installed in the wall to honor the 54th Massachusetts regiment upon completion of the project by others.