EPC Combustion Gas Turbine Installation

North Carolina

 Scope of work consisted of two GE LM6000 natural gas combustion turbines that can produce a total of 90 MW of power, along with the balance of associated plant equipment. This included two field-erected treated water storage tanks, 10’ diameter by 60’ tall exhaust stacks with Higgot Kane anti-icing systems on each unit, a common electrical building, a pump house which houses the compressed air equipment and water forwarding pumps, and an administration building. The two single-cycle combustion units Crowder installed were added to the existing 625 MW combined-cycle turbines, providing fast-start, emergency power to the electrical grid. Crowder self-performed all civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and millwright services. We also utilized in-house fabrication capabilities for various pipe racks, supports and platforms.