Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow (SWIFT), Ph. 3 Demonstration Facility (Progressive Design-Build)

Suffolk, VA

Crowder Construction Company was selected as the Design-Build Contractor, with its design consultant Hazen and Sawyer, for the Sustainable Water Phase 3 - Demonstration Facility Project. The project, which was developed by Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD), has been constructed at the Nansemond Treatment Plant in Suffolk, VA. HRSD recognized that an innovative solution would be needed to manage regulatory requirements while simultaneously addressing regional water challenges and thus embarked on a multi-phase managed aquifer recharge program. At build out, SWIFT will enable HRSD to recharge the Potomac aquifer with over 100mgd of highly treated water from up to seven treatment facilities.

Phase 3 of the SWIFT program consists of building the 27,750 SF SWIFT Research Center; an advanced water treatment and research facility with the capacity to recharge the Potomac aquifer with 1mgd of highly treated water from the Nansemond Treatment Plant. The objectives of Phase 3 are to demonstrate that advanced treatment will produce SWIFT water that meets primary drinking water standards and is compatible with the groundwater chemistry, and to monitor the aquifer’s hydraulic response. The facility will serve as a public education and outreach facility and provide a platform for operator training and process optimization. During Phase 3, HRSD will collect at least 18 months of treatment and aquifer recharge data to optimize the design of full-scale advanced treatment facilities and to define future permitting requirements. The project included design, permitting, construction and commissioning of a demonstration facility that will treat 1MGD of water.