PROLSF and Woodstock Park Improvements

The PROLSF and Woodstock Park Improvements Project, commonly referred to as the “Skate Park”, is a design build venture that focused on the construction of a 5 million gallon offline storage facility for the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD). The storage tank reduces the risk of sewer overflows during heavy rain events in the area. Once the rain event subsides and system pressures return to normal, the tank is drained and the contents pumped to the nearest treatment plant. HRSD needed land in a specific area of Virginia Beach to construct the storage tank and therefore partnered with the City of Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation Department and decided to locate the storage tank in Woodstock Park. Park amenities were upgraded and incorporated into the construction of the storage tank featuring a brand new state-of-the-art skate park facility partially located above the underground storage tank. Crowder Construction, with the aid of Hazen and Sawyer (Design Engineer) and Team Pain (Skate Park Design and Construction Team), broke ground on the project in the Summer of 2019. Two challenging years later, with no help from the Covid-19 pandemic, the grand re-opening of Woodstock Park occurred on June 16, 2021 to the absolute delight of the local community.