Plum Island Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase 3 Capital Improvements (Construction Manager At-Risk)

Charleston, SC

Crowder was selected as the Construction Manager at-Risk (CMAR) but Charleston Water System to provide upgrades to their Plum Island Wastewater Treatment Plant. Crowder worked with Hazen and Sawyer, the Owner’s design consultant, to deliver a GMP at 60% design. Constructability reviews resulted in method sand sequencing that reduced Charleston Water’s risk and accommodated a very tight site with a critical schedule. Coordination and communication were important to keep the plant running, avoid disruption of daily plant activities, and accommodate other contractors working on the same site.

Collaboration with Hazen and Sawyer resulted in value engineering ideas that reduced const and improved plant performance. Crowder and Hazen worked together to develop a VE list with over $7 million in savings options that was presented to Charleston Water. The Complex project consisted of major modifications to the existing 36 MGD plant, with most structures and major piping requiring pile support. The scope included a new preliminary treatment facility, two primary clarifiers, an anoxic selector, a final setting tank, an electrical distribution facility, primary sludge pump station, installation of submersible pumps, and RAS pumps.