Orangeburg Pedestrian Bridge

Orangeburg, SC

This $4M project in Orangeburg, SC bridges a busy highway between the SC State University campus and student housing on the opposing side. The University, City, and SCDOT saw the need for a pedestrian bridge to safely facilitate student travel. The project encompasses approaches to the bridge and erection of the main center span over US 21 Business. All involved wanted an aesthetically-pleasing structure that would serve as a gateway to the University.

This project had many unique features packed into a very small area. The southern approach spans were in an alleyway of right-of-way adjacent to existing tennis courts while the northern approach had multiple switchbacks created by a complex series of MSE walls to facilitate ADA requirements. Two abutment towers on either end of the main span are host to an array of architectural features including a cobalt blue metal roof to match SCSU’s school colors. These towers also house two enormous, specially-crafted ornamental sign grills which serve as a border to the South Carolina State emblem on each side. Supported by these two towers is the main span of the bridge. This 100’ steel span resembles a covered bridge with large ornamental arches on each side of the span. These arches appear to be a gateway to the university and can be seen from a great distance while approaching the bridge. All the MSE walls and center towers are brick veneered to match other aesthetics on the university campus and all exposed concrete is covered in a white surface coating. Crowder received a 2017 Carolinas AGC Construction Excellence Award for this project.