North Carolina Railroad & Norfolk Southern Railway mainline Haydock to Junker Railroad Roadbed

This project was for 12.2 miles of RR construction including clearing and grubbing, excavation and grade work, jack and bore piping, concrete structures, three bridge replacements, arch culvert construction, asphalt placement, intersection modification work, fencing, erosion control, track bed installation, and seeding and mulching. Ultimately, the project widened 10.2 miles of track bed for NCDOT/ NCRR.

At the beginning of the project, Crowder did not have access to specific areas of construction due to ROW acquisition and RR signalization and communication issues for 10 months. We immediately re-planned the job for these differing site conditions. We maintained the original contract completion date by allocating additional resources, adjusting the staging of the project, and rearranging the original project intermediate completion times.

The anticipated challenges on the project of working near an active mainline track with train speeds in excess of 65 MPH, as well as tight working limits to install bridge beams and place concrete bridge decks, were overcome by a solid partnership created with NSR, NCDOT and Crowder. Norfolk Southern assisted in movement and delivery of steel bridge beams as well as arranging for track outages to allow beams to be installed. NCDOT assisted by managing submittals and inspections in a timely manner.