Lockhart Bridges

Lockhart, SC

This complex project, requiring multi-agency coordination, includes four bridges, approaches, ½ mile of roadway, 90,000 CY of borrow, 90” diameter drilled shafts, 74-inch, 120,000 lb. MBT Girders, mass concrete, rock wall removal, stamped and stained concrete MSE walls, drainage and utility construction and bridge demolition. The bridges are 700 LF over the Broad River, 160 LF over Lockhart Canal, 100 LF and 86 LF over Canal Rd and Lockhart Drive. Construction required a combination of off-line and staged construction, and project specific concrete batch plant.

Crowder partnered with SCDOT, Lockhart Power, and engineer Mead & Hunt and we managed required coordination with USACE, FERC and SCDHEC for permitting, and bridge and roadway construction, as well as with the SHPO office to replace the historic rock wall with stamped and stained MSE walls adjoining property of a historic home. The historic rock wall was delivered to the Town.