F. Wayne Hill

Gwinnett, GA

Crowder’s experienced design-build team was awarded the F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center (FWHWRC) Gas-to-Energy Project by Gwinnett County. The project enabled the utilization of digester gas to operate an engine generator set for power generation and to recover the heat form the engine generator for heating the anaerobic digesters. The project consisted of installation of a spark ignite engine generator to burn available methane gas produced in the facility’s anaerobic digesters and included exhaust heat recovery systems to recapture the heat from the engine and tie it into the plant heating system. The HRSG was installed along with all heat recovery piping to allow the beneficial use of the waste heat. The project was funded by ARRA funds with strict requirements for award. Schedule, Buy-American, budget and a waiver to use special equipment were all requirements that had to be met prior to contract award. The success of this project contributed to award of a second project to Crowder to add FOG to boost the gas production.