Coal Handling Upgrade Project

North Carolina
The scope of work involved the demolition and removal of an existing railcar coal dump structure, a rotary car dumper, existing hoppers, an existing crusher building and an existing coal conveyor system located in and out of an existing rail receiving coal conveying tunnel. Construction work consisted of, but not limited to the installation of a new railcar shaker bottom discharge unloading system, railcar positioning equipment, an in-line railcar scale system, a crusher tower building with associated crusher equipment, a sampling system structure, belt scales, transfer tower, dust suppression system, a dust collection system, electrical and control buildings, a receiving conveyor system, a stackout-stacker transfer conveyor system with a 210 feet circular stacker boom conveyor and all foundations. Crowder self-performed all demolition, civil work, concrete forming-placing-and finishing, steel erection, equipment erection, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation work associated with the Coal Handling Upgrade Project.