230KV Breaker Project

North Carolina

This project focused on improving protection, isolation during abnormal conditions, prevention of system blackouts, better overall service to This facility's startup system, better relaying protection to the switchyard system for isolation of faults on the startup bus, Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) bus, and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) bus; Crowder installed 4 each ABB, 230KV, 3000 amp, 80KA, SF6 gas power circuit breakers on the high side of (FGD) transformers (T1 & T2) and startup transformers (CT and CT1). Intricate soft digging in a live switchyard was necessary for foundations and ductbank installation as well as the location for protection of numerous existing underground objects and ground grid cables. The scope of work also included the relocation of four, 3 phase, 230KV, electrically operated ground switches with support stands; four electroswitch lockouts and two SEL-2505 remote I/O Modules; the reworking of existing aluminum pipe bus and high voltage bus supports for placement of the SF6 Power Circuit Breakers; reworking of existing and installation of new additional ground grid cables; the installation of 950 feet of 954KCM ACC cable; the installation of 56,000 feet of power/control cable and associated cable tray; the forming, placing and finishing of PCB foundations; and the complete installation of the four ABB SF6 gas power circuit breakers.