Crowder's SWIFT Project Receives Best Water/Environment Project and Safety Merit Award


Crowder's SWIFT Research Center project for the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) received a Safety Merit Award from ENR MidAtlantic, as well as being named Best Project in the Water/Environment category. Projects were judged on their contribution to the industry and community along with the project team’s ability to overcome challenges. Judging criteria also included safety and quality of design and construction. Developed by HRSD, the SWIFT Research Center is an advanced water treatment and research facility that recharges the Potomac Aquifer with highly treated water from the Nansemond Treatment Plant. The facility was designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of advanced water treatment processes in producing finished water that meets primary drinking water standards and is compatible with groundwater chemistry. The Research Center will guide the development of HRSD’s full-scale SWIFT (Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow) Program.

Crowder’s effective health and safety program and successful pre-task planning resulted in no reportable accidents during more than 120,000 staff hours on the project.

Read more about the project here.

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