Federal projects provide some of the most complex challenges that exist today. Crowder rises to meet these challenges and offers creative and forward-thinking solutions that encompass some of the most innovative techniques and materials available. We have earned a reputation of providing clients what they need to see their projects come to fruition.

Rising to the Challenge of Federal Projects

Due to the many components involved in federal projects, Crowder must possess a number of elements to meet their needs. An ability to understand the overarching goals of the project as well as keeping the channels of communication open are necessary to see a federal project through from beginning to end. A commitment to overcome challenges and explore innovative solutions while also delivering on budget and on time are all key factors that lead to success when working on federal projects. These characteristics are ones that we have upheld for 70 years, and they continue to propel our growth forward.

Providing Diversification and Focus

Crowder’s proven methodology provides the diversification needed to tackle federal projects of any complexity, as well as the focus to deliver a product that satisfies the end goal. Our construction services have continued to diversify, allowing us to meet the challenges that arise when undertaking federal projects. With three related Divisions -- Civil & Environmental, Heavy Civil, and Industrial -- that each have their own unique focus, we can provide a streamlined process that enables us to provide solutions that encompass an entire federal project from top to bottom.

  • Our Civil & Environmental Division 
    • Projects ranging from wastewater facilities, transportation needs, and water programs, as well as other municipal challenges.
  • Heavy Civil Division
    • Deep excavations, bridges, dam construction, marine construction, parking decks etc.
  • Industrial Division 
    • Power plants, chemical facilities, and manufacturing plants. Specialized work in mechanical, structural, and electrical elements provide for efficient use of materials as well as respect to future costs.

Crowder has a vast amount of experience working with a variety of different businesses. Utilizing an array of methods surrounding design, research, planning, material procurement and more, Crowder strives to exceed all regulatory standards while helping our clients discover solutions for their needs.

Federal Projects

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