Crowder wants all of our subcontractors to be successful.  Our prequalification process is critical to this success and is an integral part of our risk management program.

Please have the following supporting documentation ready:

  • Signed W9 (October 2018 version - available at
  • Sample insurance certificate
  • OSHA forms 300A and 300 (omit employee names) for the past three years
  • EMR verification from your worker's compensation provider for the past three years
  • Safety Manual
  • Project reference letters from owners/clients for three recent projects that have been completed within the last three years
  • Reference letter from your bonding company stating your single and aggregate project limits, if applicable
  • Certification letters (MBE, DBE, SBE, etc.), if applicable
  • Professional license certificates (general contractor, engineer, etc.), if applicable
  • Financial statements for your most recent fiscal year-end are requested, but not required.

Your W9, EMR letter and certificate of insurance must be attached at the time you submit the prequalification form.  Email the remainder of the requested documentation to
The review can not be completed until we have all necessary information.

NOTE: uploading blank/empty files or the same file for the W9, EMR letter
and insurance certificate will create an error in the system and you will have to
re-enter ALL information again.

You have the option to save your progress or to completely submit your prequalification.
If you choose to save your progress, you MUST copy/save the hyperlink that's provided on screen or you will have to re-enter all information again

**If you experience problems with the system, take a screen shot of the problem if possible, and email it to with details of the issue.  We will work with you to find a resolution.**

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