Co-Op Program

Today's job marketplace is increasingly competitive with a growing number of qualified professionals applying to a limited number of available positions. With so much competition, it can be difficult for recent college graduates to find a job in their field after school.

At Crowder, we aim to help current college students gain an edge in the job place through our Co-Op program. College students today are driven to gain professional experience while still in school, and they offer innovative perspectives that help our most experienced professionals view challenges differently.

Our Co-Op program offers opportunities in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering. Opportunities in construction management and safety are also available. The best suited candidates for our program are those students who are excited to learn with hands-on experience and who wish to pursue a career in large-scale general contracting.

Students can apply for our Co-Op program through their university co-op department or by contacting our Co-Op Manager. The program consists of alternating semesters of full-time employment at Crowder and regular university enrollment. Many universities offer school credit for this work experience, but students should consult with their school's co-op coordinator on any specific requirements that must be met to obtain credit.

After their co-op experience at Crowder, many students continue their career with us after graduation as full-time employees. Those that move on to other companies draw success from the technical experience and work values instilled in them during their time at Crowder.

If you're a current college student looking to prepare for a career in one of our fields, we encourage you to apply to our co-op program. We look forward showing you how we are Building America, and Proud of It.®

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