Stevens Creek Lift Station

Mint Hill, NC
On 6/21/21 Charlotte Water and its contractors, Crowder Construction and State Utility Contractors, reached substantial completion on a new wastewater pipeline and lift station in the Mint Hill area. This project lays the foundation to bring public wastewater service to a previously underserved area. The lift station was installed to pump wastewater from the Stevens Creek and Goose Creek basins to a gravity wastewater pipeline for treatment at the McAlpine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

In addition to the construction of the lift station, the project involved installation of two sections of wastewater pipeline totaling 27,410 feet. The force main pipeline begins at the Stevens Creek Nature Preserve and works up Thompson Road to Lawyers Road. Installation of the gravity main pipeline began at the Stevens Creek Nature Preserve and follows Goose Creek up Country Woods Drive and Lawyers Road. A small section of the gravity line also follows a Goose Creek tributary and crosses Thompson Road near Joli Cheval Lane. The last steps in this project were restoring the construction area and redirecting the wastewater flow from the Oxford Glen Wastewater Treatment Plant to the new lift station at the Stevens Creek Nature Preserve. All work was finished ahead of schedule.