F. Wayne Hill Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) & High Strength Waste (HSW) Project

Lawrenceville, GA

Wayne Hill WRC is the largest and most technologically advanced WWTP in Gwinnett County. The plant processes approximately 40 – 60 MGDs of wastewater. Crowder was selected as the Design-Builder for this project which will allow the plant to receive fats, oils, grease and high strength waste resulting in more efficient methane gas for the gas-to-energy project. The project consisted of the demolition of existing odor control equipment, construction of four 12’ diameter x 24’ tall SST FOG & HSW storage tanks, a new septage receiving station, grease trap, modifications to the existing hot water loop piping & existing sludge lines, new sludge handling piping, and instrumentation & controls.

This project was funded under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) requiring strict guidelines. The EPA office was an integral part of the project. This was our 4th project with the owner, Gwinnett County and design engineer, Hazen and Sawyer. The entire project was a success. All parties involved shared some “ownership” in the project. The overall collaborative efforts and dedication to successful completion resulted in a great environment to be part of.