Clarksville Valleybrook Park Equalization Facility

Crowder completed construction of the Valleybrook Park Equalization Facility for the City of Clarksville, Tennessee. The project included construction of a 3 million gallon prestressed concrete Equalization Tank connected to an existing pump station via a 700’ long 24” diameter ductile iron forcemain. The forcemain included automatic valves and instrumentation to route water from the pump station to either the equalization tank during high flow events, or the existing wastewater treatment plant during normal flows. The Equalization Tank was connected to a Tank Drain structure and 600’ of 18” to 24” gravity line to allow the contents of the Equalization Tank to flow back to the existing pump station at the conclusion of each high flow event. Remotely from the Valleybrook Park site, Crowder constructed a Diversion Structure and associated gravity sewer pipe and manholes in and along Commerce Street, which required closure of Commerce Street for a two month period.