Who we serve

As a construction company that began as a small, family-owned business specializing in concrete work, Crowder has continued our evolution for 70 years. As a result, we have expanded our services to offer those that appeal to a wide base of clients that are currently being well-served by our breadth of knowledge and expertise. Today, Crowder provides construction services to customers across the Southeast, including the ones listed below.

Working closely with each of our customers allows us to effectively design solutions to meet each of their unique needs while ensuring that applicable regulations are followed. Our dedicated staff ensures that we can provide the manpower needed to meet deadlines while also securing safe working conditions and staying within budget.

Starting with our very first job fabricating the concrete steps leading to Plaza Road Presbyterian Church, we have a long history of providing private entities with the high-quality services they need and want.

The infrastructure necessary to ensure the smooth running of public utilities must be either retrofitted, repaired or rebuilt in order to continue to meet the needs of the community. Astute inspections that weigh current needs as well as those that are projected for the future, budget restraints and material constraints help in the development of the project.

Developers who need an established presence at a site within the southeast can count on the experience of Crowder. This means developing a viable design using a method that best meets each developer's needs that uses materials that meet budgetary and industry standards. Our aim is always to build the facility to meet both the developer's and the occupant's goals.

Amid rising regulations and environmental concerns, Crowder stays abreast of the latest methods and materials that can be used to streamline operations, meet the needs of the power industry and increase production. Cognizant of an increasing demand for energy and power, we search for the latest in materials, methods and technological advances to ensure that our customers' needs will be met well into the future.

Manufacturing as an industry continues to reinvent itself as it evolves to meet the increasingly technical demands of today. These challenges allow Crowder to tap into our vast knowledge of electrical, foundational, power and industrial services in order to design facilities to meet our customers' goals.