Water & Waste Water

Crowder specializes in building state of the art municipal and industrial water systems and wastewater treatment plants. We built our first wastewater treatment plant in 1957 at Pilot Mountain, North Carolina.

Today, Crowder’s Civil and Environmental Division specializes in our water and wastewater facilities ensuring that all projects are compliant with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. Our projects address a wide range of municipal efforts to promote efficient and responsible use, treatment, and preservation of our public water supply.

Crowder is committed to the preservation of the environment and public health. Because excellent public health hinges on a reliable supply of clean water, our projects contribute to the sustainable development of industrial and municipal water services, working to enhance and protect the natural water environment. Our water treatment facilities remove contaminants from drinking water ensuring that communities have a supply of water that exceeds federal guidelines. Crowder's uncompromising commitment to safety ensures that these projects are safe not only for our employees during construction but for the communities they serve in the decades that follow.

Today, our country's aging infrastructure faces several challenges that Crowder is ready to face head on.

  • Tighter environmental regulations from the EPA protect the quality of the nation's water supply but have contributed to higher costs across the industry, as older systems are replaced and updated with greener infrastructure.
  • The need for investment in new buried water infrastructure nationwide over the next 25 years is estimated at over $1 trillion with much of this investment needed in the southern states.
  • Building and maintaining our nation's water and wastewater treatment facilities is a concrete intensive endeavor which often adds to overall project costs.
  • Putting off investment in the infrastructure today will only make tomorrow's problems worse as water main breaks and infrastructure failures increase in the interim.

From design and engineering to contractor services, Crowder's long history in the construction of water and wastewater treatment facilities works to the advantage of our clients. Crowder's mechanical and electrical expertise in these projects reigns in cost while delivering excellent value. Our regional presence with offices employing over 900 individuals in several states cuts transportation costs and allows us to self-perform concrete work which enables us to deliver projects on time and under budget.

Water & Waste Water Projects

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