Harnessing the power of water -- one of nature's most precious resources -- is the primary purpose of a dam. Crowder has held a key position in doing just that throughout the southeast region of the United States. From building new projects to reinforcing existing dam structures, we possess the extensive experience, skills, and knowledge necessary to ensure that the project meets its goals from start to finish.

Dam Structures Vary

Utilizing our Heavy Civil Division, Crowder works to devise the right combination of spillways, foundations, intake structures, penstocks, and outfall structures to meet the specific needs of each project. Each turbine, generator, and other machinery type requires a different approach, set of plans, and design method to ensure that it operates efficiently within the parameters -- both natural and manmade -- that are set for it.

Temporary Structures

Temporary structures are often utilized in order to address water control issues as well as to retain the integrity of the earth. Before devising a plan and design, our Heavy Civil Division looks at all the components involved. This is done to determine which structure(s) best meet the goals of the project as well as complement the natural elements involved. Examples of temporary structures that could be utilized include well point systems, gabion walls, cofferdams, vinyl sheet piles, soldier piles, grouted soil nailing, sheet piling, solider lagging, and driven soil nailing, etc.

Meeting Each Challenge Squarely

Each dam presents its own unique challenges. While no two dam projects are identical, we use each experience to broaden our scope, reach, and diversity. This experience and willingness to always creatively learn with every project we undertake allows Crowder to effectively meet the challenges that each dam presents. As with all dam projects, a variety of regulatory agencies are involved from local, state, and federal levels.  Each agency has its own particular set of goals and specifications that must be met in order for the dam to receive the green light.

Water Quality Integrity is a Vital Component

While Crowder works closely with each agency involved to ensure that their stipulations are met while also staying within budget, there is another, equally complex issue at stake as well. The integrity of the water is always in the foreground of everything that we do. From the protective measures we utilize to our maintenance design element, water quality is always protected during Crowder's many varied projects.

Dams Projects

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